A greeting from INGEN and NÅGON

Congratulations to being admitted!

We at KTH Kista welcome you wholeheartedly and hope you will accept your spot at whichever programme you have chosen!

We are reception coordinators at the Chapter for Information- and Nanotechnology, the student chapter belonging to KTH Kista. During the reception we go by the names INGEN and NÅGON, and work together with a large reception team to make sure that you, the new students, feel welcomed and get to know your fellow students and a whole lot of other people at KTH.

The Reception is two weeks of introduction courses and other activities before the start of the fall term. We arrange all of this with the support of KTH in order to give you a introduction to the student life here at KTH. The Reception is also a fantastic opportunity to get to know other students at KTH, be they new or old.

The Reception is for everybody! We aim to arrange activities for every type of student. During the reception weeks you will be able to participate in games, competitions, parties, board game nights, and a trip to the student union’s own cottage.

We want to make it clear that nothing that is part of the Reception is mandatory, and that it is fully possible to partake in one activity, and stay home to skip another. The Reception is made for you and the most important thing is that you get an amazing start to your time at KTH. We strongly recommend that you participate in as much as possible, as the Reception is a unique part of your studies and the absolute best opportunity to build a group of friends to study with for the rest of your time at KTH. To participate in the Reception can not only give you friends for life, but also valuable contacts with a host of companies.

Have a great summer, and good luck with your future studies!

Best wishes,
Gustav och Fredrik,
Reception Coordinators of the Chapter for Information- and Nanotechnology.

Welcome to KTH Kista

Congratulations to your admission to KTH!

If you have been accepted onto a programme which is given at the KTH campus located in Kista, you will in the coming years be a very dear and important part of the Chapter for Information- and Nanotechnology, or the IN-chapter for short.

To welcome you to KTH and the IN-chapter, the chapter with support from the school arranges a two-week reception in August, which will prepare you for your first year at KTH. Senior students, who are known as Fadder and MUX during the reception, will be there for you to make sure that you get the best possible start to your studies.

During these weeks you will get to know new friends, meet a whole heap of different IT-companies, get a taste of what the student life at KTH is like, and last but not least, have an absolute blast. Each of the programmes given att KTH Kista is angled towards computers and IT, which means that the friends and acquaintances that you make now may become great contacts later in your working life.

An important date that you should add to your calendar right away is the 14th of August, which marks the start of the reception at KTH.

At 09:00 there will be a mandatory registration in sal A (lecture hall A) for students of the Degree programmes in Information and Communication technology, Computer Engineering, and Electronics and Computer Engineering.

At 10:00 there will be a mandatory registration in sal B (lecture hall B) for students of the Bachelor’s programme in Information and Communication technology.

This site will updated regurarly during the reception with schedule updates and other important, and less important information, so make sure that you visit it often!

More information can be found at KTH’s website, kth.se: new at KTH

If you have any questions you can get in touch with the chapter’s reception coordinators at ingen@insektionen.se, or the chapter’s communications officer at info@insektionen.se.

See you on the 14th of August, nØllan!