The Royal Games

Now the final score is in!

How has your group fared in the fight for INviten and Phöz’ favor?

Will it be you who are crowned winners of the  Royal Games at NØllegasquen?
Only INviten and Phöz know, now it is up to them to choose which group will win.

Not sure how to dress for the NØllegasque? Here is the information you are looking for!

The dresscode of the NØllegasque is White tie or Informal attire, but what does that really mean?
To have two dresscodes might seem confusing , but fear not, is there anybody who really knows what they mean? Of course!

The two dresscodes mean that you can choose if you want to wear a tailcoat/ball gown or a normal suit/dress. As white tie is common in academia, and since it is not very common to own a tailcoat, it is an easy way to allow the guests to choose wear what they own or feel like wearing at the NØllegasque.

NOTE: We’d of course rather see you not match the dresscode but come to the NØllegasque than to not come at all! However do try your best to match it.

Regarding white tie
For those who want to wear a tailcoat
Black tailcoat. No alternatives, there is only one kind of tailcoat that i acceptable for white tie.
Pants, black with one stripe down each side. In the same fabric as the tailcoat. Worn with suspenders.
White piqué shirt. The shirt needs separate shirt studs and cufflinks.
White waistcoat/vest, in piqué.
White bow tie, in piqué, anything else is generally considered incorrect.
Black glossy patent leather, or highly polished, dress shoes.
More information can be found here.

For those who want to wear a ball or evening gown
Ball gown, full-length (to the floor)
Gloves, if worn they should end above the elbow

Regarding informal attire
For those who want to wear a suit
Suit, in a dark colour. Jacket, pants (and vest) of the same material and colour.
Vest, may be worn but is not mandatory.
Shirt, should be of a light colour, preferably white.
Shoes, should be black, as well as the belt if worn.
A tie or bowtie, is obligatory.

For those who want to wear a dress
For informal attire you ought to wear a more elegant dress that ends below the knee and is made of a more exqusitie fabric – for example satin or velvet.
Shape and size of the décolletage is up to you, and there are no direct requirements regarding shape or colour.