Get your fancy clothes on and come with us to the movies this 1st of September! All the nØllan movies will be showcased in Kistan 2.0, and then we’ll have a sittning! Sign up for the sittning here. 

NØllan Pub crawl

On 28th of August is the NØllepubrundan!(English: NØllan Pub Crawl) This is an event not to be missed. All the student pubs in KTH will open their doors this night welcoming nøllan! This is your best chance at collecting each of the pubs’ famous patches! Free tickets from BiljettMUX.


On Saturday Phöz has prepared for continued decontamination of nØllan. At their side is a great force, whose knowledge about getting rid of schlem is unrivalled. The activities start at 14:00 in Electrum, and among the numerous events nØllan will have the chance to claim the Phort’s tressure. The activities …